Message of the Secretary

The policy of the Ministry of Land and Land Development is to utilize the country’s land resource for the betterment of the mankind and as well as the animals, at an optimal level.

The role entrusted with this Ministry is the proper management of land resource with the theme of “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendor”.

Hence, we have the responsibility of optimally handling the human resources, physical resources, technology and knowledge of the Ministry and the institutions falling under its purview to achieve that objective. It would be a timely requirement to organize and prepare strategies to fulfill the Ministry’s mission towards rendering its services to the General Public in a more convenient and speedy manner, applying modern communication technology.

‘Land’ forms the basis for the development programmes relevant to every human development process implemented in the country. Accordingly, I believe that this web site, which adds a novelty to the mission rendered by the Ministry of Lands and Land Development towards sustainable Sri Lanka steering the country’s land resource efficiently towards sustainable development, would be a great boon to the entire Sri Lankan community.