The Message of the Hon. Minister

My vision is to steer the Ministry of Lands and Land Development to its mission of granting the ownership of a land to all Sri Lankan's who do not possess a land, while making all lands economically productive and ensuring the environmental equilibrium.

When forging ahead with the vision of H.E. the President, the excellent management of land which is the dominant natural resource of a country, while conserving it for our future generations, is the sole responsibility entrusted with all of us.

Ministry of Lands and Land Development plays a significant role in every development process of the country. When the land resource is optimally utilized for the country’s development and for upgrading the living condition of the Public, the Ministry’s Mission would become more meaningful.

I strongly believe that the community who uses the modern technology at their best along with the global concepts shall reap the benefits of this website.

Concerning that, the efforts taken by the Ministry of Land and Land Development to render a better service to the General Public by updating the Ministry’s information is highly appreciated.