About the Ministry of Tourism & Land(Land Section)

Ministry of Tourism & Land(Land Section) was established in 1932. The objectives of the Ministry are to formulate and implement state land policies, conserve state lands, and implement activities related to land settlement and land acquisition for public purposes.

This Ministry’s vision is the optimum utilization of land resources for sustainable development.

The Ministry's mission is to effectively and efficiently manage land resources to an optimal level contribute to the country's socio-economic development while maintaining environmental equilibrium.

The Institutions namely; the Survey Department, the Land Commissioner’s General Department, the Land Title Settlement Department, the Land Use Policy Planning Department, Land Survey Council, Institute of Surveying and Mapping and Land Reform Commission fall under the purview of the Ministry.

The activities of the Ministry of Tourism & Land(Land Section) is implemented through the joint operation of the Land Unit, Land Acquisition Unit, Development Unit, Policy Unit, Administration Unit, Accounts Unit, Internal Accounts Unit, Planning Unit and Land Acquisition Board of Review.