Basically, the person who wishes to obtain an allotment of land from the government should make a request to the relevant Divisional Secretary and then should get qualified to receive a land, appearing before the Land Kachchary.

  • If 10 years have passed from the date on which you were selected to receive a state land
  • If a lease approval has been received for the land you are residing and 10 years have been passed from the date of selection
  • If a Lease has been issued for the land you are residing in and 5 years have been passed from the date of such issue.

A person who is not a citizen of Sri Lanka and a person who has lost the citizenship in Sri Lanka cannot obtain a state land on lease basis.

After scrutinizing the file submitted by the relevant subject clerk, it is submitted for the approval of the Hon. Minister, with the recommendation of the Assistant Secretary, Senior Assistant Secretary and Additional Secretary. In the instances where the extent of land exceeds 05 acres, the recommendation of the Secretary to the Ministry should be obtained before submitting it to the approval of the Hon. Minister.

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