Important Documents


Citizen Charter

Hon. Minister

Mr Harin Fernando


Mr.H. M. B. P. Herath

Divisions & Units

  • Development Division

    This division contains Development unit and Policy Unit.

  • Land Division

     This division assists in performing the process of alienating lands in a formal and transparent manner, monitoring such activities and acquisition of private land for the development activities of the government.  

  • Administration Division

    The responsibility of performing principal duties of the Ministry is entrusted with the Administration division.

  • Accounts Division

    Fully ensure the achievement of the objectives efficiently with accountability on Public Finance through correct financial reporting

  • Internal Audit Division

    Contribution for the sustainable development through efficient management of land resource by ensuring the due implementation of methodologies and systems.

  • Policy Unit

    Formal Land Management

  • Development Unit

    Settle land title through

  • Land Acquisition Unit

    State owned lands are utilized in the development process of the government which is focused on the welfare of the public.

  • Land Unit

    This unit assists the process of alienating the land resource of Sri Lanka for public requirements

  • Project Division

    Coordination of various projects, including Bimsaviya Program

  • Planning Division

    The role of this division is to plan, monitor and evaluate all the activities of the Ministry and

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    Conducting training programs on the Right to Information Act ( First Session)

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    Hon. Minister Assume Duties

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  • September 1, 2022

    Secretary Assume Duties

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